Commonly Asked Questions


What does “Bad ESN” mean?

Bad ESN is short for Bad Electronic Serial Number. Every phone has one and is associated with your account. If your phone has a Bad ESN, it means it is either still linked to an account, or it has been reported lost or stolen.

How do I get a quote for my device?

To get a quote for your device, simply go to the “Home” page. Then, click on the device you have. Go through the options such as carrier, model, and then condition. Depending on what condition you choose, your offer will vary. That’s it! If you accept the quote shown, simply click the “Get Paid Now” button to get a PrePaid Kit.

Do you all buy Bad ESN or iCloud locked phones?

We do not purchase devices with Bad ESNs or iCloud locks.

Can I sell more than one device to you?

Yes, simply contact us via the contact form and we will get back to you with a quote for your multiple devices. If you want to sell bulk amounts of devices, click the link on the very bottom of the page that says “:Bulk/Corporate Sales”.


Can I sell my iPad to you all?

Yup! Not only can you sell tablets to us, you can also sell us your iPod or Smartwatch!


What if I don’t see my device listed?

There are thousands of gadgets on the market all around the world so it is hard to be able to purchase every single one of them. If your phone is not on the list, simply contact us and we will give you a custom quote.


How can I know I will get paid?

This is a very common and understandable question. We are one of the most¬†highly¬†ranked cell phone buying companies on the market. We¬†highly suggest you google “TriPhonia Reviews” and you will find everything¬†you¬†need to know about us. We don’t hide anything. We have numerous reviews from customers just like you praising the great customer support and¬†reliability of our company on the Better Business Bureau. We are also a BBB Accredited company. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


How can I contact you all?

You can email us using the contact form on the “Contact Us” page. We are standing by to answer your questions around the clock!


What does my quote from you include? (Ex. Battery, Charger, Original Box, etc.)

Our offer to you is just for the device. You can include the charger, original box, and other accessories but those items will be recycled and add no additional value to your quote if they are included.


How long till I get my money?

We send payments very fast. We process the device and send the payment out the same day! If you choose to be paid by check, we will send out the check the same day and email you the check’s scheduled delivery date. If you choose PayPal, Amazon eGift Card, Walmart eGift Card, or Best Buy eGift card, those get sent to you in 24 hours via email! Yep, that quick!


What is TriPhonia?

We are all about getting you the most money for your phone.  We have a special technique to figure out how to value your phone.  Everything is a factor.  For example, whether it works or not, and/or its condition. We take just about every phone!


What does TriPhonia stand for?

TriPhonia has no meaning and does not stand for anything in particular.


Where are we located?

We are located in Louisville, Kentucky.


How long does the whole process take?

The process can be fast, or slow depending how quickly you mail your device to us. The process can take as little as 5 days.


How long is my offer valid?

You offer is locked in and guaranteed for 30 days. After this time period, your quote may be subject to revision based on the current market value of your device.


How do we determine the value of your device?

We at TriPhonia have developed a special technique to determine the best value for your device.¬† We found a way that allows us to pay you more for your gadget by comparing offers from other companies. We also make sure it’s the most up to date and best value for the device. Plus, your offer is guaranteed and locked in for 30 days, so no rush!

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